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Service Provider Foundation v.4 (Online)
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Course Description:

Service Provider Foundation v4 Online is a 4-day boot camp for service provider network engineers, system engineers and network specialists who want to design and implement scalable infrastructure. This course is designed to prepare and bridge the gap from CCNP to CCIE and prepare you for CCIE SP boot camp. It covers IS-IS, BGP traffic engineering, MP-BGP, and IPv6. We will take you from basic to complex scenarios to help you understand Service Providers solutions.

Course Delivery Method:

This boot camp is delivered online via Webex.

Students Will Receive:

  • 4 full days of instructor led online course
  • access to dedicated pod using the same virtualization engine as real CCIE SP exam
  • workbook for the class with lab exercises to understand solutions better
  • access to Slack-based study group

Boot Camp Date and Hours:

7:00 AM – 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (Saturdays Only)

Day 1

Class Introduction

  • Instructor introduction
  • Class organization, schedule, rules
  • Basic Student Assessment, background and expectations

Your POD and LAB Topology

  • Topologies, address allocation

SP IGP Routing

  • Role and concepts behind link state protocols
  • Describe and optimize a scalable IGP


  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot IS‐IS domain from scratch
  • Single and multi-topology, areas
  • Describe and implement route redistribution, route filtering, aggregation, and loop prevention


  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot OSPFv2
  • Describe and implement route redistribution, route filtering, aggregation, loop prevention
  • Difference between Enterprise OSPF and SP OSPF
  • Difference between ISIS and OSPF


Day 2

 BGP SP basics

  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot IBGP, EBGP, Route-reflectors, AFI
  • Which field in the BGP update keep the prefix information?
  • When to use Route-reflectors and confederations?
  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot path selection, BGP traffic engineering
  • Which attribute to use to steer ingress and egress traffic?
  • How to steer the non-directly connected upstream provider?
  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot BGP route policy enforcement
  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot BGP prefix suppression, and aggregation


Day 3

MPLS L3 services

  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot LDP
  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot MP-BGP
  • Describe RD, RT, VPN label, BGP AFI VPNv4
  • Why do we need RT? What is a role of the VPN label?
  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot L3VPN
  • Which logical topologies can be formed in L3VPN?
  • Can we have L3VPN services without labels?


Day 4

IPv6 and SP

  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot IPv6
  • What is a dual stack?
  • What is the incentive to deploy IPv6 in today SP environment?
  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot addressing methods, SLAAC, EUI-64
  • How many of IPv6 address can be assigned to a single interface?
  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot OSPFv3, ISIS IPv6
  • How many routing processes are required for IPv6?
  • Describe, implement, and troubleshoot VPNv6, 6PE, 6VPE
  • Do we need to have IPv6 in the core of the network to send the IPv6 traffic?


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Retake Policy:
There are no free retakes for this track.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:
There are no refunds. You will be issued a credit. There is no expiration for the credit. You can take the class at a different date or location at no additional cost. We need a minimum of two weeks notice for postponing the class.

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