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This Zero-to-Hero Security class is developed to give students a quick and effective overview of  Security track and prepare you for Advanced CCNA and CCNP  certification. It will covers  Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies and solutions that can be used in day-to-day work.  Upon completion of this course, learners should have knowledge of ASA, FirePower, WSA, ESA, ISE, BYOD, TrustSec, AnyConnect, AAA, FlexVPN and DMVPN.


Course Delivery Method:

This boot camp is delivered online through Webex.  Sessions will be recorded and made available to watch online after each session and up to 30 days after the course has been completed. These recordings are not downloadable. Students will have access to a lab for the duration of the boot camp (10 weeks). The course is being delivered live with no pre-configured devices or scenarios. The lab is always configured with the latest software versions.


Students Will Receive:

  • Security Zero-to-Hero E-Book
  • Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR)


Boot Camp Hours:

9:00 AM -5:00 PM Central  Standard Time (Saturdays Only)


Follow On Certification:

CCIE Security Boot Camp

Course Introduction

  • Class Introduction
  • LAB Topology
  • Class Agenda
  • Cisco Security Architecture

ASA v9.13

  • Basic ASA Configuration
  • ASA Management
  • ASA Deployment Scenarios
  • ASA Traffic Flow
  • Dynamic Routing
  • NAT
  • Modular Policy Framework (Inspection Policy)
  • Virtual Firewall
  • Active/Standby Failover
  • Transparent Firewall
  • QoS
  • Active/Active Failover
  • Firewall Clustering

Next Generation Firewall – Firepower v6.5

  • Introduction to Firepower Threat Defense
  • FirePOWER on ASA
  • Firepower Traffic Flow
  • Device Management
  • Object Management
  • Access Control Policy
  • Network Discovery Technology
  • File Detection and AMP
  • IPS Policy and Preprocessors
  • SSL Decryption
  • Site to Site VPN and Remote Access VPN
  • Correlation Policies
  • Event Analysis and Reporting

VPN IOS v16.6, ASA v9.13, AnyConnect v4.8

  • IPSec theory
  • PKI
  • VPN types and modes
  • Configuring Site-to-Site VPNs
  • EasyVPN for S2S VPN
  • IKEv2 theory
  • FlexVPN
  • DVTI
  • SSL VPN theory
  • Clientless VPN
  • Introduction to AnyConnect
  • Mobile User Security
  • VPN Load Balancing and HA

Web Security – WSA v13.x

  • Web proxy deployment modes
  • L4TM
  • User Identity & Authentication
  • Web Security Policies
  • URL Filtering
  • Bandwidth Control
  • Application Visibility & Control (AVC)
  • Content Security – Web Security
  • SSL Decryption
  • Outbound Data Security

Email Security – ESX v13.x

  • How SMTP works
  • SMTP Relay deployment
  • ESA Packet Flow
  • Reputation Filters
  • Message Filters
  • Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
  • Content Security – Email Security
  • Content Filters
  • Outbreak Filters

Cisco ISE v2.7

  • Introducing to AAA
  • Setup AAA Clients
  • Using TACACS+ for Administrators
  • Using RADIUS for Network Access (802.1x)
  • Introducing to Cisco ISE
  • AD Integration
  • Configuring MAB
  • Configuring Wired 802.1x
  • Configuring Wireless 802.1x
  • Guest Access
  • ISE Posture for VPN
  • Device Profiling
  • BYOD
  • Trustsec
  • ISE for SD-Access

Stealthwatch v7.1

  • NetFlow and Traffic Monitoring
  • StealthWatch Management Console
  • StealthWatch use cases
  • Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA)


  • Importance of DNS
  • How Umbrella works
  • Umbrella use cases
  • Threat investigation

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

  • How AMP works
  • Managing policies
  • Using AMP to investigate a network breach
  • Introduction to Cisco Threat Response
  • Using CTR for investigations
  • File Analysis with Threat Grid

Threat Grid

  • Introduction to TG
  • Integrating TG with other Cisco products
  • Submitting a sample for analysis
  • Analysis results
  • Integration with CTR


** Course content can be revised and updated without further notice

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Retake Policy:
There are no free retakes for this track.
Refund/Cancellation Policy:
There are no refunds. You will be issued a credit. There is no expiration for the credit. You can take the class at a different date or location at no additional cost. We need a minimum of two weeks notice for postponing the class.
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